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The old cliché comparing the production of laws to sausage making has never been graphic enough for me when it comes to tax legislation.  I have always liked to contrast the promise with the end result.

The promise is like a good old fashioned apple pie when it is being sold to the American people by the President.  However, when Congress starts to work on it, it's exactly like when the body digests an apple pie.  When the legislation finishes its trip through Congress, the results look & smell surprisingly similar to the pie when the body has finished its work.

I have long used this description of the tax legislation process in my speeches & newsletters.  Back after the fiasco that became the Tax Reform Act of 1986, I commissioned an artist to design a poster illustrating this concept.   I had a few thousand copies printed in red, white, black & blue ink on 11 inch by 17 inch poster paper.  Most of those copies were sold or given away back in the Bay Area.  However, while looking for something recently, Sherry came a cross a half case full of them.  

Although the poster was designed during the Reagan administration, recent developments have made it as relevant today as it was back then.  The tax reduction promises made by the President are being worked on by Congress in the same way as the body works on an apple pie.  If any changes to the tax code do make it out, they will most likely bear a striking resemblance to the end result of an apple pie.

There are JPG versions of the poster below. We couldn't fit the entire 11 x 17 inch poster on the scanner, so we had to break it into three pieces.  They are thumb-nailed here, so click on each one to see the larger version.

If you are interested in acquiring an actual copy of the poster, please contact me.

The Poster:

KMKPOSTER3.JPG (39955 bytes)


KMKPOSTER.JPG (157463 bytes)                 



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